What Should You Consider When Purchasing Wireless Earbuds?

There are several wireless earbuds in the market. However, they don’t have the same quality. While some are good, some are terrible. 

Earbuds are ideal for enjoying music and listening to audiobooks. Since earbuds are suitable for day-in, day-out use, it is best to get a good pair.

How can you choose the best pair of earbuds? What are the things to consider? Fortunately, this article discusses eight things you should consider before purchasing earbuds.

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1. Cost

Wireless earbuds have different prices. Quality earbuds do not come at bargain prices because they have features like Qualcomm Bluetooth chips and high-density batteries for extended use in between charges. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid cheap ones.

2. Codecs

When purchasing earbuds, try to find out its supported codec. Some earbuds only support SBC. SBC doesn’t support higher resolution music, and the sounds are often flat because of the low transmission speed. In addition, Apple devices support only SBC and high-quality AAC codec. Therefore, if you use Apple devices when purchasing earbuds, check that they support AAC.

Android users, on the other hand, can use almost any earbuds. The latest android versions support almost all Bluetooth audio codecs to give you a spectacular sound

3. Ear Tips

The ear tips are essential. Ear tips that do not seal over your ear canal cannot give you a good sound because external sounds will interfere with the music. When purchasing earbuds, ensure it sits comfortably in your ears and won’t drop out when you run.

4. Battery Life

Although most manufacturers advertise earbuds with playing time between three and five hours, the figure is usually 20% less in real life. When your earbuds use up their charge, you can recharge them in the charging case. 

Usually, the charging case has an inbuilt battery that can top up the earbuds about three to four times before the case needs recharging. 

Although some manufacturers quote playing time as 12 to 15 hours, this is not for continuous listening on one charge but rather a combined playing time.

5. Controls

Some expensive earbud models have control pads suitable for increasing volume, skipping tracks, taking phone calls, and issuing voice commands. Cheaper earbuds do not have controls; you’ll have to use your smartphone to adjust volumes and skip tracks. 

When purchasing earbuds, you should be on the lookout for the controls they offer and choose a responsive one.

6. Noise Cancellation

Some wireless earbuds have a noise cancellation feature. Although noise cancellation can reduce the noise of a railway track or an aircraft engine, the feature consumes a battery. 

Also, earbuds with this feature are chunky because they have to accommodate larger-sized batteries. Therefore, remember that you may not get lengthy listening times out of earbuds with this feature. 

7. Charging Case

Earbuds charging case usually recharges and stores wireless earbuds. When purchasing earbuds, look out for the ones with sturdy cases if you will be taking the earbuds out with you. Furthermore, always check the hinge of a charging case to ensure it is tough enough.

8. Volume

Not all wireless earbuds have the same volume levels. Some earbuds deliver great sound at 50%, while you need to turn some to the maximum. When purchasing wireless earbuds, always check out the volume. 


Earbuds are ideal for listening to music or audiobooks on the go, without the limitations of wires. There are several earbuds on the market, and you need to consider cost, noise cancellation, controls, ear tips, and supported codec before you purchase one.