The App Builders of 2021 You NEED To Keep an Eye Out For!

App Builders are a need of the time, and with reliable builders like the ones given below, the process has become so much easier and simpler nowadays, not to mention so much fun! These are the top app-builders to help with your business journeys!

Making Things Easy and Accessible - iBuildApp

iBuildApp is an application builder that works on Apple, Android and tablets, and requires no coding whatsoever! What a steal! With up to almost 1000 templates, a handy drag-and-drop feature and constant support by the staff whenever you need, this builder will make app creation as easy for you as Photoshop. 

They have three packages - the Company ($395/month), where you can make up to 5 apps and have a Backup and Restore Option, and a Business package ($59.40/month or $99/month billed annually), which allows 1 iPhone or Android App, the feature to see analytics on those apps and make In-App Purchases.

Finally, they also have a Corporate package for all the large scale businesses out there ($7500/year), with up to 3 app design options, assisted developer account setup, security, and expert tools and success rates.

No Coding, Only App-Making - AppyPie

AppyPie is a rising star App Builder from India, which is very affordable with its Basic Plan at only $16/month or $16/App! With an ad-free and smooth app making experience, you'll be set for days with a comfortable builder in AppyPie. With this package, you can earn money through advertising your App, and the customer support will be quick through email. 

Their second package is the Gold package with the best value, at $36/month or $36/App! This one allows unlimited bandwidth, hosting and App editing, with quick customer support on BOTH chat and email. 

Finally, the third option which is very popular is the Platinum option, at $60/month or $60/App, which allows all the above AND customer support through email, chat and call!

AppyPie is quick, efficient, and the best part is it has offline capabilities, so you can design your apps on the go! There are constant real time updates about the status of your app. AppyPie also gives templates for all things business to corporate and more!

Seamless and Efficient - Shoutem

Shoutem is one of the newer options on the App Builder scene, but it sure is a good one. With its templates reaching from Educational, Religious, Radio, Touristic and Sports Apps, Loyalty, Shopping apps and more, Shoutem has thousands of attractive looking, bright and colorful options to explore all the ways your app might attract its audience!

Not only can you easily monetize your app through ads and grow your engagement rate, Shoutem has partnered with Facebook, Apple, Shopify and more to provide your apps with widgets and connections to those websites, thus increasing your chance of getting more clients! 

Shoutem has three packages, the Android Package for $39.50 (billed annually), that allows android publishing only, 1 GB of Space and a 14-day FREE trial (looking at you, students!).

The Standard Package ($64.50 per month, billed annually) allows everything in the previous package plus 2 GB of space, and lets you work on iOS with more advanced features! The Professional Package ($114.50 per month, billed annually) gives you up to a whopping 10 GB of space to design your apps, plus amazing features like socials and chats!

If you are a budding app designer, the app builders discussed above will definitely make your life so much easier. You can choose the one that meets your needs and start building your dream app today!