Top 4 Video Conferencing Softwares That Are Revolutionizing Office Meetings

Today you can get anything delivered at your doorstep in a few clicks. In the same way, you can now work from home. Need to hold a group meeting? Video conferencing software is your new best friend. 

Whether it’s for business purposes or for educational ones, video conferencing softwares have made life easy for everyone. Just look at the ladypreneurs who have started small businesses right from their home and use these video conferencing softwares to reach out to other businesses and clients.

Here is a list of commonly used and easily accessible video conferencing softwares.

Google Meet:

This is a video conferencing software by Google. It can be easily used by anyone with a Gmail account. It provides you high quality audio and video services.

But the real-time subtitles are the most unique feature of this software. It is an easy to use software with a user friendly interface that integrates easily with Google Calendar for easy scheduling of meetings and events. 

The only drawback is that the software does not support meetings with more than a 100 participants.


Zoom is yet another video conferencing software that is easily accessible. All you need to do is download the application. In the last couple of years as people have had to shift online, Zoom has seen a massive surge in users because it provides features that are equally useful for office workers and students alike. 

The application provides a basic version which is free to use. However, it also provides monthly and yearly plans for people who want to upgrade their software for professional use. The upgrade provides the user with more perks. For example, it allows the user to connect with a larger group of participants. 

This video conferencing software allows screen sharing by multiple users unlike Google meet which allows only one person to share the screen. Zoom however doesn’t support end to end encryption. It also consumes and shares a reasonable amount of data.


Skype is definitely one video conferencing software which has been used for both personal and business purposes. One amazing feature that Skype provides for its users is that all Skype to Skype audio video calls, instant messaging and file transfers are encrypted, providing its users with a safe and secure environment. 

This video conferencing software has been the choice of many individuals and businesses. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Skype has seen a spike in the number of its users because it is a free and simple communication platform. 

But many users have observed that the quality of audio and video highly depends on the bandwidth. So, Skype might not be the best option for users who do not have a stable internet connection.


GoToMeetings is another up and coming video conference software. The thing that sets this particular platform apart is that it can be used on a smartphone very easily compared to other more well-known applications.

In fact, GoToMeetings has separate mobile applications for Android and IOS users. Each application is tailor-made for the kind of smartphone you use so that you can enjoy a smooth, problem-free online meeting experience. 

The software also allows users to improve and adjust the audio and video quality of the call. To top it all off, even the most basic plan allows meetings with up to 150 participants at a time.

So, now you know which video conferencing softwares provide the best service. Whether you are a student, a start-up or even an at home working mom; you can now choose any video conferencing software online that suits you and start working today.