MDM Solutions For Your Company

Investing in Mobile Device Management (MDM) can be worthwhile regardless of where you stand in the societal hierarchy. MDM solutions aim to provide you with secure technical solutions to ensure that your devices and accounts remain safe. All the digital activities of your devices are tracked and constant improvements in the cloud services are made to enhance your productivity.

Small businesses and big corporates alike, there is simply a lot MDM solutions can do for your business that you don’t want to miss on. they ensure that all your devices and secured with authorized users. They offer several features that your business can choose from seeing what your priority is. MDM companies can be easily found online with a little search. Many companies cater to the different needs of every business that any business can make the most out of. 

Here are a few MDM solution platforms that ensure you the protection your devices need.


SimpleMDM covers a large range of devices that range from anywhere from 10 to 100,000 devices. Many companies can benefit from this platform, in particular those that have a number of Apple devices linked to the company’s cloud. 

Anyone who connects with SimpleMDM to ensure optimal protection of their devices will get to enjoy top-notch customer support services that respond within 30 minutes of you reaching out to them. A good MDM solutions provider or any other company prioritizes the satisfaction of the customers and SimpleMDM is known to not compromise on their customer services. 

They offer a 30days free trial for anyone who is interested in their services and can proceed with the payment to enjoy the additional benefits offered by SimpleMDM. SimpleMDM bills $3 for every device that is linked to it on a monthly basis. The annual charge is $2.50 per device paid every month. 


Scalefusion is amongst the best MDM solutions provider in India that was officially launched in 2015 and served over 6000 customers in over 120 countries. Scalefusion has proven to be the ultimate MDM solutions provider time and time again, with the best customer support provided anywhere else. They resolve your issues almost immediately addressing your inquiry over live chat. Scalefusion can cover any operating system, from Android, macOS, iOS, or Windows 10. 

Customers can choose among the following plans if they wish to benefit from their services:

  • Starter: $2
  • Business: $3
  • Enterprise: $4

Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro is amongst the oldest MDM solution providers as they have been providing the best protection services since 2002. Jamf Pro can be only equipped with Apple devices. They have well over 500,000 customers across the world and have established a recognized name in the digital world. 

Jamf Pro provides optimal solutions and protection services to Apple device users. They offer a free trial of 2 weeks that customers can get without having to share any personal details about themselves. However, after 2 weeks the billing of their services are as follows:

  • $3.33 for iOS users monthly
  • $7.17 for Mac users monthly


Your data can be exploited if it falls into the wrong hands. Because of this, you need a trustable MDM solutions provider. There are a number of different companies that provide protection services to other companies. 

Each company focuses on the different needs of any business. Understanding your priority, you can connect with the company that caters to your needs and save data on your devices without any hacking concerns. The company takes responsibility for any mishap that might occur and ensures that your investment will be worthwhile.