Top 3 Website Builders

Website builders are ideal for individuals and small businesses. With a website builder, you can develop your site without hiring a developer. However, there are so many website builders in the market, and choosing one can be pretty tricky.

What should you consider before choosing a website builder? What are the best website builders currently? Fortunately, this article provides answers to your pertinent questions regarding website builders. Kindly read on to find out.

How Can You Choose the Best Website Builder?

Before choosing a website builder, it is best to write down the goal of your website and the features you want. Your goals could include having a blog section, contact form, social media features, or a photo gallery. Also, it is best to consider your growth options. For instance, will you need to add regular updates, or will you sell products on the website in the future?

After defining your goals and growth options, the next step is to find a website builder that can handle your needs. Factors you should consider when choosing a website builder include;

1. Ease of use – a website builder should be beginner-friendly, especially for non-tech users. It is best to go for website builders with a drag and drop feature as well as customization options and powerful editing tools 

2. Price – there are several website builders, making it a competitive space. Therefore, always go for a website builder that offers value for the price. You should check the free features like SSL, domain, and business email a website builder provides. If the features are not free, inquire about the cost of such additional features.

3. Customer support – although website builders are expected to have an easy-to-use interface, as a beginner, you may encounter problems along the line while using the website builder. Hence, you may need to contact customer support. Ensure you go for website builders with 24/7 available support.

4. Design and features – a website builder should have numerous professional templates and also allow you to add other features like third-party marketing tools or Google analytics

5. Data ownership and portability – before choosing a website builder, always check the terms of service to ensure data ownership. Ensure you own your data and that you can port it when you switch to another Website builder easily.

What are The Best Website Builders?

WordPress is a self-hosted platform with scalability, powerful features, and ease of use. WordPress is an open-source website that is free to use, giving you maximum control over your website. Furthermore, the platform has a drag and drop feature, and you can use it to build any website. 

Other notable features of WordPress include its thousands of high-quality themes and free plugins that add functionality to your website. In addition, WordPress is the cheapest website builder on the market. 

When using WordPress, you have to manage your website, familiarize yourself with the updates and the system. Nevertheless, most users get the hang of it with time. is an affordable and easy-to-use website builder. With its drag and drop feature, you can choose pre-made templates and customize them to suit your business needs. allows you to add photo galleries, contact forms, videos, and so much more. You can also add unlimited pages to your site. 

Although provides all the tools you need to build a small business, the platform has limited functionality compared to WordPress

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that is easy to use while providing features that help build your website. You don’t have to pay for hosting with, and you have access to hundreds of templates. Furthermore, you get dozens of free and paid apps that allow you to add functionality to your website. The significant limitation of Wix is that the free and connected domain plans will always show branded ads on your website, and it can be pretty complicated to move your website away from Wix.


Website builders make it easy to build a website without engaging a developer. Although there are several website builders, always consider ease-of-use, pricing, customer support, and features before choosing one.