Online Degrees in Demand for High Paying Careers

Innumerable people all over the world have moved towards pursuing education online. This shift has grown exponentially ever since the world has been struck by Covid-19. Some factors for these are prevention against the Coronavirus, convenience for the students and faculty, ease in logistics, and differences in costs. 

One important factor that has become common is the increased want for higher salaries by the students. This article will provide tips and guidance to showcase some of the high paying degrees.

Advantages of enrolling in High Paying Degrees:

Availing education from online degrees has lots of advantages to it. Some of them are;

  • Flexible Career Paths

An online platform provides much more flexibility as compared to going to an educational institute. For example, you can take on a part-time or even full-time job along with online courses without worrying to be in multiple places at the same time. This enables you the option of exploring more career choices while developing different skills in case you want to switch to a different path.

  • Learning Environment Freedom

When you enroll in an online course or degree, you get the liberty of choosing your own learning environment. You can have the option of studying in your home, a library of your liking, a café or basically any location with internet access. The option of online education saves you the hassle and expenses of commuting to class each time. 

  • Lower Costs

Enrolling in an online course cuts down on many costs which would have to be taken in a physical setting. The only expenses to be incurred will be the tuition fee and any other online application charges. The money used on commutation, buying physical books or study-related material is saved on an online platform. 

  • Diversity in Courses

When you choose to study online, you have much more course options to choose from, as compared to the limited options that you get in a college or university. 

The High Paying Degrees in demand right now

There are lots of high paying degrees that are in demand currently. Some of these include the following:

  • Software Development

Average Salary - $100, 690

The world is becoming increasingly dominant with technology, and software developers are the one making it all possible. Software Developers generally create codes and programs while also solving any technical issues that may arise. 

They also possess the skills to analyze all sorts of data and create essential tools accordingly. Software Development has been continuously growing into a large market, with there being no limit that can be seen as of now. Data from the BLS shows an astounding projection of 17% by 2024.

  • Marketing

Average Salary - $115, 750

Even though this is a more common degree, but even a Bachelor’s in this field can easily get you a respectable salary. Research analysts and specialists in this field have the job of projecting company sales. 

They use various tools to acquire and analyze data on different spectrums to predict the trends of customers in terms of buying and how to tap into the possible gaps in the market. These people play a vital part in bringing their company a competitive edge in the competing market and increase sales and hence profits.

  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration 

Average Salary – over $90, 000

One of the most pursued degree, an MBA, has its reasons for being so high in demand when it comes to online education. This is because it has no specific field, and instead covers a wide range of skills and courses under its domain. Some of these are leadership, human resource management, management skills. 

The core courses or skills are not limited to these only, with the program also covering units from finance, accounting, economics, and information systems. On average, an MBA degree program can be done in two years, while it is shorter (one year) in some of the places depending on number of units.

Places to Study Online Degrees

  • University of Florida 

The University of Florida consists of multiple online undergraduate and graduate degree programs. There are over 22 online bachelor’s degree options available to you to choose from in fields such as biology, science, and nursing. Other than that, it offers more than 79 master’s degree options. The university assists students in various areas, such as financial aid and tutoring. All courses are 100% online with an asynchronous instruction style. The tuition fee ranges from around $129 per credit, with the total requirement being 120 credits.

  • Northeastern University

The Northeastern University is also a great choice for the people who want to go for online education. Up to 80 programs are offered, with the option of selecting various bachelor’s programs, such as media, health management, digital communication. The university charges $541 per credit and the program length is dependent on the number of credits. Most of the courses are 100% online with an asynchronous instruction style.


Online education has eased completing higher education and possessing more skills, resulting in convenience when it comes to advancing your career. However, there are still some factors that have to be taken into consideration. Other than your career path and interests, it has to be confirmed that the online university you are enrolling in provides the specific co