Frequently Asked Questions About Online Nursing Programs

A registered nurse is a healthcare professional who is a graduate of a nursing program, which could be online and has passed the national licensing exam.

In recent times, the world has become fast-paced and busy, with so many people looking to change careers or start a new one. Therefore, several schools offer online or hybrid programs that allow you to get online coursework and in-person training.

Are you looking to be a nurse? Do you have questions about online nursing programs?

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Can You Become A Nurse Online?

Nursing is a hands-on profession that requires clinical experience qualifying you to work with patients. Although several nursing programs offer bachelors, masters, and associate degrees, you still need to complete clinical hours in a hospital to qualify as a nurse.

If you are a registered nurse or have some hours of clinical work, you can take an online nursing program to give you deeper knowledge in nursing, advancing your career

Do You Need To Go To A Campus?

Nursing programs vary. Some require you to attend classes once or twice a week, apart from in-person clinical work. People that have families or full time jobs may enroll in a program that offers all coursework online while people that have fewer responsibilities may go with programs that allow them work directly with their classmates and professors.

It is important to note that nursing is not an isolated profession. Even if you are learning online, you still need to be part of a collaborative learning community.

What Is The Difference Between Online And On-campus Nursing Programs?

Although they provide different experiences, you get the same education with both online and on-campus nursing programs. Most online programs create virtual classrooms using web-based software to simulate a traditional classroom. The software gives you access to the course content, allows you turn assignments in, take quizzes, and also interact with your professors and colleagues

Furthermore, for online programs, you can attend classes in real time, watch them at a later time on video, or listen to the audio when it is convenient for you. The flexibility of online programs allows students to learn at their own pace. However, students require a level of self-discipline to complete their classes.

Is An Online Nursing Program Self-paced?

As earlier stated, online nursing programs vary. Some programs follow the same semester schedule as the classes they hold on campus while others are all year-round programs, allowing you to learn at your pace.

Bridge programs prevent you from repeating coursework you’ve done before. Also, with this program, you may not need to complete as many clinical hours. Therefore, bridge programs are the best for people with previous education on nursing because it helps them finish school at an accelerated pace.

Do Employers Recognize Online Degrees?

In recent times, online education is becoming more mainstream. Therefore, getting a degree in an accredited program or online doesn’t really matter to employers. Online degrees are credible, preparing you for the competitiveness in the nursing field. 

What Should You Look Out For In An Online Nursing Program?


Before enrolling in an online nursing program, ensure that the program is approved by your state’s board of nursing. Without the board's approval, you may not be able to take licensing exams, preventing you from practicing.


Program accreditation shows that the program meets the educational standards necessary for success in its field. Some employers require that job candidates possess nursing degrees from accredited schools. In addition, accredited programs allow you qualify for financial aid and even transfer credits in case you consider pursuing additional education at a later time

Your Needs

Before enrolling in an online nursing program, consider your family responsibilities and work schedule to determine if a full or partial online program is the best for you.


With the fast-paced and busy society, you may consider an online program. Online nursing programs are flexible, allowing you to work at your convenience. However, you have to be self disciplined to complete your program in due time. Before enrolling in an online program, ensure it meets your needs and that it is accredited and also has your state’s board approval.