How Can You Become A Beautician?

The beauty industry is growing, and several career choices come with being a beautician. You can specialize in hair care, nail care, makeup, cosmetology, or skincare. Do you want to be a beautician? You may have several questions regarding getting started. Fortunately, this article discusses the essential steps to take in becoming a beautician.

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Who Is A Beautician?

A beautician is an experienced professional seeking to use their knowledge to advise customers regarding hair care and beauty treatments. There are several services a beautician offers, including hair shampooing, cutting, styling, and coloring. Beauticians also provide massages, scalp treatments, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures. Furthermore, they provide makeup application services and also train people on how to apply them.

How Can You Become A Beautician?

There are several careers in the beauty industry and choosing one can be pretty challenging. Therefore, this section discusses five steps for becoming a beautician. Kindly follow through.

Researching The Duties Of A Beautician

Before becoming a beautician, you need to understand the duties and services a beautician provides. Beauticians provide personal care services, including hair care, massages, makeup, nail care, eyelash and eyebrow treatments, skincare, and waxing. In addition, beauticians provide advice on hair care, skincare, makeup, and sometimes health and fitness. Some advanced treatments like laser therapy, electrolysis, and permanent makeup are also part of beauticians' services.

Although there is a host of services a beautician provides, focusing on a specialty, hair, nails, or skincare is advisable. 

Learning About Beauty Schools Before Enrolling

Usually, universities and four-year colleges do not provide beautician degrees. Therefore, it is best to research relevant programs in cosmetology schools, community colleges, and technical schools. The programs can be all-encompassing, or they could focus on one beauty area, including nail care, hair care, or skincare. Taking a full-time course in a cosmetology school could take about nine months to complete. Alternatively, you can enroll in an online cosmetology course.

Completing an Apprenticeship

With apprenticeships, a beautician can get additional hands-on training in their various beauty specializations. Usually, apprenticeships take between one and three years to complete. Afterward, it would be best to stay updated on beauty trends, the latest techniques, and products. It is also advisable to attend seminars, shows, and training.

Taking a Business Management Course

Most beauticians become self-employed. Therefore, getting an accounting or business management course will be helpful for your business. There are several online business courses designed specifically for cosmetologists.

Getting A Cosmetology License

Before working as a beautician in a state, you have to get licensed. You will have to pass a practical and written exam to get a license. In addition, licenses require renewals every five years.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Beautician?

A beautician works with people – you may be employed in a salon or self-employed. Therefore, the skills you need to become a successful beautician include having a passion for beauty, making clients feel relaxed, and being friendly. You also need to be able to explain treatment options and procedures to your clients clearly.

Furthermore, as a beautician, you should stay up to date with beauty trends, hair trends, and other trends in your industry. You should also be tactful, diplomatic, and have some level of artistic skills.


Beauticians can specialize in hair care, skincare, or nail care. Before becoming a beautician, it is best to research the duties of a beautician, understand the courses a beauty school offers before enrolling, and complete an apprenticeship. Furthermore, if you want to be a self-employed entrepreneur, you should get a business management degree and a license.