Considering A Nursing Degree? Here Are All The Reasons Why You Should Become a Nurse

Have you ever thought about wanting to make a positive impact in the world, or put effort towards making a difference? Becoming a nurse does just that and rewards you with a steady pay. Not only this, it also makes for a challenging job, which makes up for it by being fulfilling at the end of the day. Even more so right now, healthcare is the ideal field to be in due to consistent work opportunities and good compensation. 

Adding onto that, pursuing a nursing career is not that much of a hassle. Getting a nursing degree does not require too much time or money, just the will power and passion. 

There are several other reasons why you should go for a career in nursing;

1. Exceptional Job Security

The time will never arrive when nurses are not needed in the world. Considering how almost all medical institutions need nurses, and how they are regularly short-staffed, nursing is an attractive field to get yourself into if you want to have the option of working at all times. 

New job openings and opportunities come up very frequently, with work always being available for both experienced and inexperienced nurses. The US Bureau of Labor reported that a 15% growth in this particular field is predicted between 2016 and 2026. 

This is due to the increasing populations all over the world, which consequently gives rise to an increased need for healthcare professionals and thus an increase in job growth. Another bonus point is how this field is recession-free, as jobs related to healthcare such as nursing, is almost unaffected due to the necessity. 

2. Flexible Working Hours

Most of the people have this perception of nursing where they believe it has very long hours and shifts, which is an incorrect assumption. How it is in real life, is that nurses are able to find much more flexibility in terms of work hours as compared to workers in many other vocations. 

In the nursing profession, you can choose the time of day you want your shift to be in, mornings, evenings or nights. An option is given to work on the weekends or not as well. Another attractive perk is the option to stack up your shifts on some days to free up others, with many nurses availing this option in reality to avail more off time. 

3. Option of Having Student Loans Forgiven

This may come as a surprise to some, but this is correct. Pursuing a nursing degree and career allows you to wave off that debt that follows you around like a black cloud on a rainy day. The government forgives student loans for nursing degrees post-graduation, along with several other special grants being available to the students. 

This benefit applies to working as a nurse at a military or government facility as well, or as a Peace Corps nurse, where you will not have to repay the debt you took either. This means that pursuing a nursing degree will make it easier to keep the budget well managed. 

4. Nurses Travel for Work

If you are a travel enthusiast, then your interest in this field must have reached its peak. Many nurses travel for their work, so you can too! It is a good opportunity of exploring the world while positively impacting lives as your job. 

What could be better than that. Nursing degrees and skills are easier to be transferred from one hospital or state to another, even in different parts of the world. One example is how some nurses are hired for sporting teams and hence they have to travel around the world in order to follow the athletes they are responsible for. 

5. Online Learning Available

Studying for a nursing degree does entail long study hours at times. In recent times, there has been a tremendous shift towards pursuing education online, which has made getting many degrees, such as nursing, much easier than before. 

Nursing degree programs are easily available online and do help in cutting down the extra expenses that are incurred in a physical setting. The economy of this option has played a huge part in what has made online education popular in the last few years. 

6. Meaningful and Fulfilling Career

With the passion that comes into pursuing this degree, you will never get enough of being a nurse or get bored at work. It will be ever-changing, as each day or week there will be new patients and new cases. Some experiences might not be good, but the work you will be doing will help in making people feel better or even save lives! There can be no better feeling than that. 

Getting a Nursing Degree

Starting your journey towards a nursing degree has never been this easy as it is now. There are multiple options available, where you can find an online course most suitable to your liking after some research. 

Once you have applied, it will not take long till the time when you start off your nursing career, understand the true essence and reap the benefits of a career in this path. Start researching on how to start pursuing your nursing degree today and become a crucial part of one of the largest teams of heroes!