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What Skills and Degree Do You Need to Be a Data Analyst?

Data analysis aims at discovering information from data to make informed conclusions and decisions. Consequently, data analysts are in-demand. Getting a job as a data analyst requires having the right skills and qualifications. 

Although you may get a data analyst job with the right skills even if you don't have a degree, a degree opens you to more opportunities. Moreover, a data analysis degree provides a structured learning path, helping you build skills while networking with professionals in the field.

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How Can You Obtain A Data Analysis Degree?

Although most universities don't offer a bachelor's degree in data analysis, there are other majors you can pursue to become a data analyst. These majors teach skills that align with data analysis. You may ask, what are the majors for pursuing a data analyst career? 

Possible majors to pursue a data analysis career include;

Data Science

Data science offers computer science, mathematics, and statistics courses, equipping you with the necessary analytical skills. In addition, some programs allow you to specialize in different fields, including healthcare, finance, economics, or business.

Computer Science

A computer science degree emphasizes statistical and analytical skills, making it a suitable major for data analysts. Apart from the availability of a computer science degree across several universities, some programs allow you to study artificial intelligence, programming languages, and algorithm design.

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics and statistics degrees focus on real-world applications, including making data-driven decisions across different sectors. Some applied mathematics degree also focuses on teaching statistical software packages and programming languages.


Some data analysts specialize in financial or business analysis. A degree in finance or economics can equip you with statistics, analytical, and business analysis skills.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Data Analyst?

Asides from getting a data analysis degree, there are skills you need to be a data analyst. Skills necessary for data analysis include;

Data Cleaning And Preparation

Data analysts source data from multiple sources, and they need to prepare the data numerically and categorically, including handling missing and inconsistent data. Studies show that about 80% of a data analyst's work consists of data preparation and cleaning. 

Data Exploration And Analysis

Yes. Data analysis is a skill. It involves analyzing business questions and transforming and analyzing data to answer the questions. Furthermore, data exploration involved finding patterns, trends, and relationships in data to improve a business's value


As a data analyst, knowledge of probability and statistics is essential. Statistical knowledge helps you validate your analysis and avoid logical errors

Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a visual representation of data. Since humans are visual creatures, it is easier to understand data patterns visually. Therefore, as a data analyst, you should visualize data in compelling charts that help others understand the data.

Dashboard And Reports Creation

Building dashboards and reports eliminate technical barriers, thus, helping non-data analysts understand data. Your dashboards and reports can be as simple as a chart or table with filters or as large as interactive data points that update automatically


Problems like bugs and roadblocks may come up from time to time. As a data analyst, you should be able to solve the issues and perform a good analysis ahead of deadlines

Writing And Communication

As a data analyst, you will need strong communication skills, including writing, listening, speaking, and explaining. Writing skills are essential because you'll have to write analysis and make recommendations frequently. Also, you'll need to communicate with both technical and non-technical colleagues. Therefore, you should be able to communicate in clear, direct, and easy-to-understand terms.  


Data analysis is an in-demand technical role that requires problem-solving, communication, visualization, and analytical skills. As a data analyst, getting a degree is essential in learning and networking with professionals in your field.