Why Online Photography Enthusiasts Are Moving Towards Virtual Learning

There was a time when people needed to pursue degrees in order to master any learning skill. However, things have changed now with the introduction of online classes offered by several platforms for the purpose of learning. 

People have found this trend way better in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of accessibility. If you are a photography enthusiast, you are at the very right place because we have some great things to share that can be really helpful for your online photography learning journey.

Pros of Upgrading Your Photography Skills 

Lately, social media has set some high standards for what defines a quality image. Having said that, people have become increasingly interested in learning about photography to make themselves presentable on social media. Here are some reasons that will make your photography passion grow more than ever before:

1) Personal Development

You never know how something you merely see as a hobby is grooming your personal self and taking your creativity to a whole new level. For instance, photography enthusiasts feel happier while capturing images and editing them and they do feel when they are getting better at it. Not only does this make them attain a level of self-fulfillment but also working on your current passions sometimes leads you to explore new ones.

2) Make New Connections

With people having an all-time access to social media, you can share your work progress with more and more people due to online connections. Many people have even made their photography blogs in order to express their artistic side to the world and they are gaining huge popularity with a dramatic increase in photography lovers. After all, you must know how hard it’s to let go of an eye-pleasing image if you are a social media user. 

3) Advance Your Professional Skills

Do you have any idea that your photography skills can even be a game-changer in your professional life? Let’s say the company you are employed at needs someone urgently with photography experience for a new project, all eyes are on you as you’re there to help your company grow. This way it can also open doors to more opportunities and uplift your image in the job world. 

Best Platforms To Look At For Online Photography Courses

Pursuing a degree requires you to spend so much of your time and money but now there are a multitude of online photography courses being offered by different learning platforms to rescue you. Here are our top recommendations for online photography learning platforms: 

1) Creative Live

Creative Live has some great artistic courses to offer on photography, crafts, baking, etc. but their photography courses outshine the rest with over 110,000 registrations worldwide. The content exceeds 24 hours, but the users can learn at their own time from the scratch or even move directly to the complicated lessons. You’ll get to master skills from basics of camera settings to picture-editing at a super affordable price of only of 13$/month, or a one-time charge of 119$.

2) Udemy

This platform offers a number of courses on different disciplines including an introductory photography course. It is specifically designed for beginners, but professional photographers can also take it after spending over 2.5 hours of course material. 

One great advantage of choosing Udemy for an online course is that it has both paid and unpaid version. The paid version comes with an opportunity of having one-on-one times with course instructors which is certainly very impactful for your learning. Also, you will be rewarded with a certificate upon completing the course which will be a great addition to your portfolio.

3) Cratfsy

Cratfsy also has some fantastic introductory and advanced level courses in a variety of disciplines. Its introductory course in photography has a quality content of more than 2 hours that is divided into nine meaningful sessions. The learning that it has to provide covers the basic camera settings and moves ahead to the details of image composition at the cost of $30. 

The best feature of this website is that once the users sign up to a full website membership, they get to enjoy access to all other courses. 

4) Coursera

Coursera has the privilege of being a platform that has helped over 60% of graduates get their jobs while an addition of 17% got a promotion/ pay increment due to its course certificate. It has collaborated with so many universities around the globe for amazing courses on numerous subjects. For an online photography course for beginners, it has partnered with Michigan State University that has already crossed 84,000 enrollments. The good news is that this course is available in multiple languages from English to Turkish, so you are good to go.

5) Skillshare

Skillshare is also a renowned website since it has a great many courses in all disciplines including an online photography course. This course is spread throughout a bunch of classes so the users should first have a look at the course preview and then think about taking it based on their requirements. 

The benefit of choosing Skillshare is that provides a 14-day free trial period to all users. In addition, its network is so expanded that users who have registered for a course can easily connect with their peers and instructors in case of any help needed related to the course content.


No matter whether you see photography as a career option or a hobby, like every other skill you possess, it will also offer you a great learning experience for life. We would recommend you choose the right online photography course and take it from the comfort of your home to develop your skillset.