What Are The Benefits Of DNA Testing?

DNA testing can help you discover your roots and find connections to your relatives. The test also helps you make healthy lifestyle choices. How do you take a DNA test? Can you take the test at home?

A DNA test is quite straightforward. Samples are collected by swabbing the inside of a cheek or spitting in a tube. Also, there are several at-home kits you can use to take samples from the comfort of your home.

In this article we will discuss top DNA at-home testing kits and you will also get to know the benefits of DNA testing first.

Benefits of DNA Testing

  • DNA testing gives you a better understanding of your health. Everyone has unique genetic variants. When you take a DNA test, you’ll know more about your genetic composition, helping you understand your risk for several health conditions. Since family members have both unique and similar genetic makeup, a DNA test helps you explore the similarities and differences in family members.

  • DNA tests can help you achieve your fitness goals. After taking a test, you’ll have an idea of your likelihood of injuries, muscle power, and weight loss tendency with exercise. Therefore, you can plan your diet and exercise according to your genetic makeup, helping you maintain your fitness goals.

  • You can identify your predisposition to diseases after taking a DNA test. The test gives you a detailed report of your predisposition to health, fitness, and lifestyle, helping you personalize your health and lifestyle checkups. For instance, if a DNA test shows an increased risk of cancer, it is best to plan preventive health checkups that can minimize the risk.

What Are The Best DNA At-home Testing Kits


AncestryDNA is the best DNA testing kit because its results are clearer than other testing kits. The ancestral information that the kit provides is in a useful historical context. The AncestryDNA database has over 18 million customers, increasing the chances of successful matches. You can get specific health information with this test kit. Although AncestryDNA allows you to explore ethnic origins and match with family, it cannot track your paternal and maternal heritage independently. Also, it can’t trace your ancestral migration path out of Africa. Furthermore, AncestryDNA researches for both profit and nonprofit groups. Therefore, they may share your data with your explicit consent.


Similar to AncestryDNA, 23andMe is an accurate DNA testing kit. Although it has a slightly smaller customer base of 12 million customers, it can independently track your paternal and maternal heritage. You can also get information about your genetic risk for certain diseases. Furthermore, 23andMe has a polished site design that is user-friendly, allowing you to navigate the reports, charts, and explanatory documents with ease.

Like AncestryDNA, 23andMe also monetizes anonymized data if you sign up for research participation.


FamilyTreeDNA offers comprehensive testing options in addition to the basic ethnicity test. Also, you can explore your connections to relatives if a particular side of your family tree or early human migration. Although you’ll spend more on this testing kit than AncestryDNA and 23andMe, your information is not monetized.

MyHeritage DNA

Although MyHeritage DNA has a smaller sample pool than the earlier discussed test kits, it comes at a great price. You can also upload your raw genetic data from other sites. Furthermore, you can integrate your DNA test results with the site’s historical database and family tree-building tool.

MyHeritage DNA kit is perfect if you want to establish your ancestry. However, the test does not provide information regarding health or traits.


DNA testing can help you trace your ancestry and the migration of your ancestors. Also, the results can help you monitor your health and make lifestyle changes for healthier living.

Although there are several DNA testing kits on the market, this article discusses the best.