What Are The 7 Best Platforms To Learn Film-making?

Whether you’re a beginner or an established filmmaker, the cinematography field requires continuous learning. In the film industry, there are so many talents, bringing fierce competition. Therefore, you have to do anything you can to stand out from the rest. Usually, film-making schools are very particular about their student’s selection, and people who don’t make the cut may quit. Fortunately, there are several film-making classes online available to everyone. With online classes, location is not a barrier, and they are even much cheaper than attending a traditional film school. 

What Are The Benefits Of Online Classes?

Film school allows you to learn from industry professionals and gain a lot of information. However, learning from these professionals doesn’t have to be in a traditional setting; it can be online.

The benefits of film-making classes online include;

Free Trials

Because there are several online film-making classes, most of them offer free trials. With traditional classes, you can’t choose your mentors. On the other hand, online classes provide free trials that help you assess your instructor before enrolling in the class. 

Understanding Several Aspects Of Film-making

Screenplay writing, film editing, digital film-making, acting, casting, cinematography, and animation are different aspects of film-making you can learn in a film school. If you don’t know which film-making path you want to tow, online classes give you the chance to understand what each role entails before fully committing to the one that catches your fancy.


Online classes allow you to learn from wherever you are. You can connect to your classes from the comfort of your home. 

What Platforms Can You Take Online Film-making Courses?

Several Platforms offer a variety of courses on film-making. This section discusses 7 top online platforms that you can take film-making classes from.

The Sundance Institute’s Filmmaking Masterclass

The Sundance Institute is a prestigious institution that runs a world-celebrated film festival. The institute offers a range of film-making masterclasses online. Industry professionals run each masterclass, and the videos run for about 3 hours. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sundance Institute is offering the masterclasses for free. You only have to register on their website.


The YouTube film series is a series of short, fun videos that cover various topics on the subject matter. You can check out videos on film history, film production, and film criticism. YouTube offers great, quality content for free. 


Coursera is a leading online learning platform with connections to educational institutions. Many courses on the platform are affiliated with renowned universities. Furthermore, although many courses are accessible at no cost, you have to pay to receive certification.


Udemy is a popular online course platform with a library of paid and free courses across several niches, including academic and creative. Similar to Coursera, you have access to video lectures for free courses. However, you have to opt for a paid course for live interaction with a tutor and certification. Anyone can become an instructor on Udemy. Therefore, always check out the course ratings and reviews to ensure you’re making the best choice when selecting film-making courses.


Unlike other learning platforms, Skillshare offers videos on a subject matter rather than structured courses. These videos can range from five minutes to several hours teaching specific skills. In addition, you can access all premium content on Skillshare for free for two months. However, you will have to provide your bank details. Nevertheless, there’s an option to cancel at any time.


FutureLearn is another online learning platform that offers a great selection of free and paid courses from leading institutions worldwide. 


edX is an online platform founded by MIT and Harvard, and the platform offers courses and online degrees from top-ranked universities. Although many of the courses are free, you have to pay to access certification and graded assignments


In the film-making industry, continuous learning is necessary for making you stand out in your craft. Fortunately, you can take online classes because they are flexible, and they allow you to check out several programs before enrolling in one that suits you.