Top 14 Hotel Hacks You Should Know

Traveling can be quite tedious sometimes. However, having a few tricks up your sleeve can make your travel cheaper, longer, and more comfortable. 

Before checking into your hotel, check out these hacks that can make your stay more comfortable.

Connecting Netflix To Your Hotel Room TV

You can connect Netflix from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to your hotel room TV. If your room has WiFi and a flat-screen TV with an HDMI port, you can binge-watch your favorite TV shows.

Keeping The Curtains Together With An Hanger

Using a trouser hanger with clips to keep the curtains together, keeping lights out. If you like complete darkness, nailing the curtains together with the two clips on the trouser hanger is a hack you’ll find useful in the hotel and at home.

Keeping Your Room Clean Using A Shower Cap

Shower caps are underutilized bathroom items. You can use shower caps to keep your room clean. For instance, you can place your dirty shoes in the shower cap before packing them into your suitcase. Also, if you suspect that your hotel room is not clean enough, you can ensure extra cleanliness by wrapping a shower cap around the TV remote control.

Drying Your Clothes With The Heated Towel Rack

Regardless of how much you pack – heavy or light, you’ll need to do a little hand laundry once in a while. Instead of paying for the hotel’s laundry service, you can dry your hand-washed clothes using the heated towel heat racks in the bathroom.

Packing Your Favorite Tea

Sometimes the hotel you are lodging may not have your favorite tea in stock. You can pack your tea bags in a plastic zipper bag.

Creating Your Sound System

If you love using music to boost your mood, this hack is for you. Dropping your phone in an empty glass can help amplify your phone’s sound.

Creating Pockets Out Of Your Sheets

If you don’t have a nightstand, you can create pockets from the folded sheets. You can use pockets to hold your phone.

Attaching Your Keys To Your Phone Charger

You may forget your charger in your hotel room, especially when in a rush. Attaching your keys to your charger prevents you from forgetting either of them when leaving.

Screwing Your Toiletries With Plastic

Toiletries may leak even after screwing them tightly. You can take a piece of plastic from the cups and screw then under the cap of the toiletries to prevent leaking.

Using A Paper Cup As A Toothbrush Holder

If there’s no toothbrush holder in your hotel’s bathroom, you can flip a paper cup upside down and poke a hole through its middle to hold your toothbrush.

Using The Sink As A Fridge

You can use the sink as a fridge if there’s no mini-fridge in your room. All you have to do is fill up your sink with ice to keep your things cold. However, if you want a portable fridge, you can line your garbage can with a fresh liner and fill it with ice, creating a giant cooler.

Charging With Your TV

Sometimes, you may forget to take a wall charger along when you’re on a trip. In this case, you should check the back of your TV for a place where you can plug a USB cord to charge your device.

Keeping Your Power On With A Spare Card

Most hotels have a security feature that only turns on your power when the card is in the slot. Therefore, whenever you’re leaving your room, you can place an old membership card in the slot, enabling you to charge your phones and devices. 

Avoiding Minibar Charges

The fees that come with getting delicious treats and drinks from the minibar are ridiculously expensive. You can avoid these fees by replacing the treats with purchases from the local convenience or liquor store. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of pressure plates – they indicate that you’ve taken something out of the fridge.


Hotel hacks can make you more comfortable and relaxed at no cost. The hotel hacks discussed are simple, straightforward, and they only require materials you can easily find around you.