Stationary Bikes That Allow For Home Workouts With Ease

Going to the gym can be extremely inconvenient to many. For many the gym membership might not be worth it, it might be located a little too far off from your residence, or for others, it's just not comfortable enough to exercise among strangers. 

Indoor stationary bikes are great for exercising regardless of the fact that you are an experienced bike rider. They can help you achieve your fitness goals whilst staying in the comfort of your own place. There are many options available that you will come across once you set out to look for the perfect stationary bike. Here are a few options that you can consider

Peloton Bike

Peloton Bike is amongst the most popular exercising bike available. Peloton Bike offers tons of benefits for bike owners with premium upgrades as it is equipped with the latest tech. a built-in HD screen, that allows you to connect with the peloton instructors and get free live classes and connect with them over real-time. 

Peloton may have a high upfront cost alongside a monthly membership fee, however, for most the investment has proved to be worth it. they offer a wide range of workout regimens ranging from difficult to easy level and varying time limits. 

The bike costs around $2,245 in total. You can also pay $49 per month in installments with an additional $39 per month for the Peloton membership, and $13 per month for the on-demand live classes.

Schwinn Airdyne AD7

Schwinn Airdyne is amongst the most recognized stationary bikes for exercising. Schwinn Airdyne’s AD7 is a new addition to their lineup, equipped with the latest tech and innovative features. The bike’s performance is next to exemplary and is built with the new air resistance technology making it durable over a long period of time. Schwinn’s AD7 is popular for its ability to push users to their limits. 

You'll find yourself challenging yourself after every workout. Spinning never gets easier on the Schwinn Airdyne, the harder you push the pedals of the bike the greater resistance is created and thus your workout will become more intense. This means you can adjust the difficulty level of the bike considering your own pace. 

It offers personalized fitness data from the calories burned, workout lengths, distance covered, heart rate, speed, and RPMs. The bike does not only target your lower body but your upper body too. You can perform the workout of all ranges from HIIT, to cardio, to circuit workouts. The bike cost $899 in total with other financing options available. 

Bowflex Velocore Bike

Bowflex Velocore is not like any ordinary stationary bike. Unlike many stationary bikes, you can use the Bowflex Velocore like an actual bike too. The smart bike is designed in a way that allows you to lean, shift and sway away. 

It is a perfect choice for spinning, as you can perform a number of different moves on a stationary bike. It has an integrated HD screen and comes with a membership program that allows you to access live and on-demand workouts with experienced trainers. The bike also comes with several fitness apps if you prefer working out solo. They have a number of different resistance levels allowing you to choose your difficulty level.

The starting price of Bowflex Velocore is $1,699, which has 16 inches console, with an additional $19.99 to access the on-demand live workouts and live interaction with trainers.

Bottom Line

Exercising at home is not only convenient but comfortable too. There are a number of exercise machines you can get that you can install at your home and exercise at your convenience. All these stationary bikes are of top-notch quality and can really help in carrying out home workouts with ease.