Norway Cruise: Reasons to Visit Norway

Do you think a Norway cruise is the best way to explore the country? Norway is a stunning state with a coastal boundary stretching over 1.65 mi (2.65 km). If you sum all the islands, bays, and fjords, the coastline is thousands of miles in length. After Canada, Norway is the second-longest coastline over the globe. 

With the routes differing from 5 – 21 nights, and the Norway cruises leaving from different ports like Bergen, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Southampton, the Norway cruise is for everyone.

Let us talk about the reasons to go to Norway by cruise:

See Different Places in Norway in a Brief Time

Well! Norway is a significantly large state around the Germany size, yet the most exciting places, towns, and cities can be seen around the coast. Traveling over the Norway land includes toll streets, car ferries, mountain roads, tunnels, and bridges. 

The roads are narrow; it means you cannot drive fast more than 30 – 40 mi/h (50 – 60 kilometres/hour). If you take a cruise, you can see a lot more in a short time. 

Inexpensive Way to Explore: Cruising

Well! Norway is a bit expensive place to visit. The mid-range Norway hotels cost 100 to 250 EUR per apartment for two people, while the restaurant's leading food will cost 25 to 30 EUR per individual. While driving around Norway, you will have to consider parking fee, toll roads, fuel, and car hire, which are more costly than in our European states. 

Moreover, if you love to see much more in a brief time, you can fly or take a train wherever you like. Your budget will be more than anticipated. If you choose a Norway cruise, there is no need to fear any cost! Your transport, meals, and accommodation are counted in the ticket price. 

Get Best Photo Prospects

Norway has impressive landscapes. But, usually, you are close to the beautiful scenes to capture it all in one picture. As a cruise leaves the port or gets close to the shore, you have numerous chances to click the view from various angles and distances that are not possible to get from the land. 

Furthermore, you can go to the cruise' top deck and get numerous incredible photos of the nearby areas. Thus, don't forget to go out on the deck as the cruise sails into the port. 

These are the reasons to visit Norway through Norway cruise! Believe me! You will never regret your decision.