Antivirus Software – Is It Worth It?

Computers have become a crucial piece of technology everywhere, and ever since, they have also brought along viruses. Computer viruses are also known as malware, which can enter your computer devices through several various ways, such as opening an email or clicking on an unsafe internet ad. These viruses then proceed to infect your device and cause serious issues. 

As of today, there are around more than 27 million different kinds of viruses floating around freely. This problem get worse on a daily basis, as 74,000 new viruses take over computers every day. 

The best option to protect your computer, and within it all of your information and data, from these viruses is antivirus software. The question then arises about whether an antivirus software is worth the price tag and hassle or not. This article will give reasons as to why every device needs security from an antivirus software. 

Software Secures Devices From Viruses and Malware

The internet is a vast network space that contains uncountable dangerous gateways. An antivirus software is specifically programmed and designed to keep your computer devices secure from various types of viruses created by hackers and criminals on the lookout for your personal information. There are several common terms used for viruses, other than malware, these are worms and hijackers. Regardless of the terminologies used to identify them, all of these have the same purpose – to penetrate some aspect of your device and spread throughout, causing damage. 

Luckily, technology has progressed well enough to have made the possibility of well-equipped and effective antivirus software being developed possible. These are programmed to combat every possible type of virus. These have the options of being available for common malwares, or the specific ones where you can choose to tackle a particular type of virus. 

The most common kind of antivirus software regularly scans your device for any kind of virus, hence keeping your computer safe while staying on alert at all times. As soon as the software detects an issue, it either notifies the user of the problem or eradicates the virus altogether in a few seconds. 

Types Of Antivirus Software

  • Standalone Antivirus Software

This kind of antivirus software has the ability to detect and remove viruses from any type of tech device. It has the option of running in the background of your computer, or it can be run a manual scan whenever the user feels the need to. 

  • Security Software Suites 

This antivirus software is all-inclusive. It consists of a traditional antivirus program, which is able to detect and eliminate malware like any other antivirus software. Additionally, this software contains extra levels of protections. Along with doing its basic job to fight malicious content and securing your device at all times, it has additional packages such as anti-spyware, parental controls, and a firewall. 

  • Cloud-Based Antivirus Software

This is the latest type of antivirus software, in which the programs work within the bounds of the cloud instead of your computer. The software runs routine scans to detect any infected files. Since the software is cloud based, it is frequently updated to ensure complete effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Antivirus Software Does Not Cost a Fortune

Initially, when antivirus software was developed, it was very costly. It would take a lot of time just to install it on computers along with annual payments that used to cost hundreds of dollars. However, the many available options today are much more cost-friendly and effective. With the option of choosing a specific protection antivirus software, your needs can be easily fulfilled without it feeling like a burden. 

According to a report, basic virus protection for a home computer costs between $30 and $50. This offers protection against viruses, firewall protection, and even while surfing on the internet. If the need is for a more advanced or well-equipped antivirus software which has additional features such as diagnosing and repairing problems, file encryption and added internet protection, then the cost can be expected to be between $40 and $80. 

The major advantage of these options is that they are regularly updated which offers protections against newly formed viruses and malware, without being too much of a hassle. 

Some companies, such as AVG and Panda Cloud, even offer antivirus software for free, giving you top quality security against viruses without spending a penny!

Antivirus Software – A Need For All Computers

If there is still any remaining confusion in your mind after reaching this point about antivirus software, there is a good chance it is because you have been convinced that not all devices or computers need protection against malware. While this was the case in previous times, it is not so in the times we are in now. Every tech device today, be it smartphone or tablets as well, need antivirus to some extent at least. 

While Windows computers are the systems most at-risk to be targeted by hackers, Apple’s macOS is becoming just as equally susceptible to these dangers. On the other hand, smartphones have become capable of being at risk off creating malware. 

Bottom Line

With technology taking over our lives day-by-day, it is becoming even more necessary to be protected against these risks. Even the thought of your personal details and data being compromised, such as bank account, should be horrifying! Everyone today needs an antivirus software in their devices, which are easily accessible on the internet.