All You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, which was designed in 2016 and launched in 2017, still it is one of the highest sold consoles on the market. Despite there being other hybrid consoles in the market, most people consider Nintendo Switch to be the true hybrid console. Due to this reason, there is no halt in Nintendo Switch sales. Even in the year 2020, sales rose up to 98.0 million consoles worldwide.

Nintendo is not ready to stop earning from this gold mine and has launched the newer, revised Nintendo switch OLED Model on October 8, 2021.

The Nintendo Switch OLED made a positive impression as soon as it was turned on. The stunning new 7-inch display immediately makes you forget about its predecessor with the LCD. Along with the gorgeous Nintendo Switch OLED display, Nintendo has improved its speaker quality with a much clearer and crisper sound which rids players of their compulsion to connect earphones for better sound quality. It also adds to design as the speaker is now hidden underneath the OLED display which gives it an overall sleeker and cleaner look than before.

Nintendo Switch Models
Nintendo Switch OLED is the most top of the line model of the Nintendo Switch series. The Nintendo Switch OLED comes in two versions, the white set comes with white Joy-Con controllers and white dock, while the second version is Neon blue/red which has red and blue Joy-Con controllers.

Each version comes with 64GB internal storage as compared to its predecessor which had an internal storage of only 32GB. In terms of price, the Nintendo Switch OLED model is sold at $350, while the standard Nintendo Switch and portable-only Switch Lite each sit below it at $300 and $200, respectively.

Feature and Specs 
Let’s begin with the screen where Nintendo Switch OLED has really done justice to its name by swapping out the older LCD with a multi-touch capacitive 6.2-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 which gives it higher contrast level that helps produce more vibrant colors on the screen.

Nintendo did not stop with the upgrades on just the screen but proved itself to be the leading hybrid console producer in market by updating the speaker quality which has changed the gaming experience allowing gamers to not have to disconnect from the surrounding environment by having to put on earphones. 

While making some very important improvements Nintendo Switch OLED also comes with some small changes that make improve the gaming experience. This includes a wider kickstand and a new dock with a LAN port.

However, even while making these variations in the new Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo stayed consistent with the specifications from the previous Nintendo Switch with the same power, video output, battery life, and expandable memory. 


When it comes to games that are introduced on the Nintendo Switch OLED, even though the power and graphics specifications are the same, the addition of the OLED screen and improved audio offer a much enhanced and immersive experience when played in the console's signature handheld mode, which can give you a greater appreciation for games you may or may not have checked out yet on the older Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is an action-adventure game released on October 8, 2021 along with the Nintendo Switch OLED developed by MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD. It is not every day that this legendary franchise puts out a game. 

Before Metroid Dread, the last game the developers came out with was Metroid Fusion which was released 19 years ago, and fans have been waiting for a new game for as long as they can remember. The new game, Metroid Dread is a continuation of Metroid Fusion where Dread continues to follow the transmission from Planet ZDR. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild was released way before the Nintendo Switch OLED. It was released in 2017 where it actually outsold the Nintendo Switch console itself. Breath of the Wild is believed to be one of the best games that have been made on Nintendo therefore, the revival of this masterpiece didn’t come as a surprise on the Nintendo Switch OLED 

Is It Worth It?

While there may be no 4K output or many bump ups in the specifications area on the new Nintendo Switch OLED, the new console is well received by the users of the previous Nintendo Switch as the improved LED with a bigger display size has made the gaming experience more immersive. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED signifies the most innovative of Nintendo’s handheld line and is a worthwhile investment for new on-the-go gamers. On the other hand, some may say otherwise since there isn’t enough of a difference to justify the extra expenditure.