All You Need To Know About Medicare Before 2022

Around 63 million people in the USA benefit from Medicare’s affordable health plans every year. From patients suffering from chronic diseases to emergency health care needs, Medicare has you covered. Even though your health plans may remain unchanged in time, a few changes have been brought by Medicare that are to be implemented by the year 2022. The revisions made by Medicare are made accessible online for all Seniors. 

If you feel the need to make change to your current health plan, Medicare advises you to do so within the open enrollment. To find out the details of the open enrollment, search online. 

Listed down are a few of the biggest alterations for the knowledge of the Medicare clientele:

Coverage of Covid 19 Items and Services:

Since Covid 19 has been on the verge, the risk of contracting the virus is multifold for all individuals. Hence, Medicare provides a variety of coverage options related to this illness. Medicare’s health plan involves coverage, from preventative vaccines to screening tests to even getting some types of treatments against the illness.

Medicare offers to cover the charges of all FDA- authorized vaccines which aid in reducing the risk of contracting a serious illness. The vaccine shot is to be made absolutely free, for which you only have to carry your Medicare card to the pharmacy or Doctor’s Clinic that you choose to get vaccinated from. These vaccines aid the body’s immune system by forming antibodies that aid in fighting the virus. 

For those who suspect contracting COVID-19, the Medicare health plan includes paying for the FDA-authorized screening tests. You can get tested in your local area and with no worries of paying in case of either a positive or negative finding.

In case of becoming ill with COVID-19. Medicare provides free treatment with Monoclonal Antibody. This is for patients who are experiencing mild-moderate symptoms. However, there are a few conditions to receive this treatment. To qualify for said treatment you are to refer to your doctor first.

Coverage of Cognitive Assessment and Care Services

Medicare will now also cover any cognitive assessment checks the next time you go for your routine wellness checks to a Doctor. The assessments will be made by doctors or specialists to rule out cognitive disorders including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

You can now get your cognitive assessment for absolutely free with the Medicare health plan. You can make a visit to the doctor to create or confirm a medical diagnosis on assessment in order to design a health care plan. Depending on the diagnosis, after which you may be referred to a medical expert or community resources. 

Doctors are to analyze evident symptoms in order to differentiate them from other conditions such as anxiety or depression. There are multiple symptoms that need to be accounted for in order to rule out cognitive disorders. A few of them involve:

  • Recalling
  • Learning new activities
  • Concentrating
  • Finance management
  • Day to day decision making.

Coverage of Blood-Based Biomarker Test for Colorectal Cancer

There are new offerings by Medicare with regards to colorectal cancer screenings in order to reach early diagnosis in patients and therefore a more effective treatment for the disease. 

Medicare’s health plan alterations now allow you to get a blood-based biomarker test done. The test will be covered once every 3 years by Medicare if you are approved by your doctor. For this, you have to:

  • Be of age 60-85 years
  • Elicit no symptoms of colorectal cancer; and
  • Be in the risk-free category of developing colorectal cancer.

Possible Price Increase

One thing that is essential for Medicare’s Customers to know is a possible increase in the prices of their health plans. What you are paying for your health insurance may be affected by the changes that are to be implemented. As per yahoo, these are the changes to the prices that are to be made in 2022:

  • Part A      deductible increase 3.2 percent from $1,364 to $1,408;
  • Part B      premium increases 6.7 percent from $135.50 to $144.60, and;
  • Part B      deductible increases seven percent from $185 to $198.

Medicare Part D is one more thing that may be set to increase by 4.9%. This will change it from the current value $31.47 to approximately $33. The new value has been calculated based on the expectations of per capita drug spending in 2022 according to Healthcare Finance News. 

These additions to prices and alterations are to be sought out in the open enrollment.

Get Ready For Open Enrollment

Medicare Customers are advised to revise their health plans according to their needs in the open enrollment from October 15th to December 7th. You are allowed to make changes to current plans or buy new policies.

To get what you need in 2022, kindly review the policies, check the potential price increases and how it will alter what you are already paying. For further assistance, you may reach out to Medicare representatives and get your health plan personalized accordingly.