9 Tips for Applying Foundation Flawlessly

Foundation can give your face a flawless, even-toned, and blemish-free look. However, using it can be tricky because you need to apply enough without it being too much. Therefore, you need a strategy for applying foundation to have a natural look.

Apart from finding the perfect foundation match, how can you apply it like a pro?

Read on to find out

Starting With A Clean Canvas

Your skin health will affect his your foundation will look. Therefore, maintaining a good skincare routine is essential. Before applying the foundation, it is best to prevent clogged pores by cleansing your skin to remove debris or dirt that can dull your natural radiance. After cleansing, gentle exfoliation can remove dead skin cells that can make your foundation appear flaky. Afterward, use a moisturizer; hydrated skin allows the foundation to sink in.

Using A Primer

Although using a primer is an additional step in the makeup application process, it gives your skin a perfectly smooth surface, making it look flawless. Color correcting primer evens your skin tone, especially for skin concerns like dullness, redness, and uneven pigmentation.

Less Is More

When applying foundation, it is advisable to start with a little until you get the right amount of coverage. Nevertheless, ensure that you only apply the foundation to where you need it, preventing caking while your skin still looks like skin.

Working From The Inside Out

When applying foundation, concentrate more on your face’s center – blemishes and redness are more problematic in this area. Therefore, applying a dab of foundation to the nose’s sides and the center of the forehead and chin before blending outwards is best. Areas of the face with more visible blemishes should get an extra light layer of foundation.

Avoid Rubbing

You may apply foundation using a foundation brush or your fingertips. When applying the foundation, use a stippling motion by gently tapping it into your skin. Rubbing and wiping the foundation will only push it around, causing streaks.

Don’t Forget Your Ears

Your ears are also a part of your face. It is best to lightly sweep the foundation brush over your ear lobes, especially if you’re prone to red lobes, so they blend in with the rest of your face.

Going Sonic

Using a sonic application device can give you a hyper flawless airbrushed effect. A sonic application device distributes foundation evenly using vibrating motions, giving a super smooth finish. In addition, the device has an interchangeable cleansing brush head, suitable for washing your face and applying makeup.

Setting It

Although most people think powder gives a matte, cakey look, that’s not the case. Using a silky loose setting powder over your foundation ensures the foundation doesn’t budge without its finish dulling. When applying the powder, dip your powder brush in the powder, then tap it shake it to remove excess. After shaking the brush, you should be able to see its bristles through the powder. Afterward, lightly sweep the powder across your face and use a heavier hand in shine-prone areas like the chin, under eyes, and T-zone.

Using Concealer Only Where Necessary

The foundation may not be enough to cover areas like red spots or blemishes and dark under-eye circles. In this case, dab a concealer over the area and tap it into your skin; this helps you blend the concealer seamlessly without rubbing the foundation away.


Finding the right foundation for you is only half the struggle; you need to be able to able it such that it looks like your skin. The tips discussed can help you apply your foundation the right way, bringing out your chic look.