7 reasons why you should have a home gym equipment

As people are becoming more and more careful of their health and weight, the need to stay fit has become a priority. 

Gym membership has skyrocketed. Everybody wants to be seen at a gym whether they are actually working out or not. But the big question is, Is a gym membership worth it? Considering that many of us don't maximize it. Is it not better to have a home gym? Here are reasons why you should have home gym equipment:

7 reasons why you should have gym equipments at home:

  1. To get your money's worth.      Apart from the initial cost of buying gym equipment for your home, setting      up a home gym is relatively cheaper than gym membership. The gym equipment      you buy will last you for years and you can use them as many times as you      want. While the cost of gym membership will keep rising as the years go by      and you may not come to the gym as often as you want due to work      schedules, traffic, weather or well…laziness to step outside! Gym      equipments found in gyms are usually out of date and may not work well or      not at all. At times, there may be someone using a particular equipment at      the time you want to use it, making you wait.
  2. Set your own exercise mood and      environment. Good music sets the tone for a good workout session. In      public gyms, you may not like the music blasting out from the speakers and      you may not have the option of choosing your own music. This is not so      when you have your own gym at home, you can choose your own music whether      hip hop, country, reggae and you can choose it loud or quiet. Another good      benefit of having your own gym is that you can wear something comfortable      and not bother about whether it is trendy or new.
  3. Maximize your time. Having a      gym at home cuts the time you spend going to the public gym. You can      easily wake up in the morning and step into the gym which is often just      another room. You can beat traffic, avoid bad weather and avoid the wait      that often results in public gyms. It fits easily into your routine.
  4. You have privacy. Unlike      exercising at the public gym, home gym offers the option of exercising in      peace. You don’t have to feel self conscious that you are sweaty,      overweight, in an awkward exercise position or smelling bad. You also      don’t feel ashamed that you are using the equipment all wrong. You make      your mistakes privately and go at it until you get better.
  5. Exercise with family. You can      choose to make your exercise more fun by inviting your partner, friends or      family, they too need exercise.
  6. Avoid getting infections or      germs. Public gyms equipment are germ infested, that’s because different      people are using the same equipment and they are hardly wiped down. This      pandemic has taught us the importance of hygiene and how easily disease      can break out. That’s why having a home gym that you know it’s only you      and your family uses. One that you can keep clean or employ some to do      that for you.
  7. Tailor your gym according to      your taste and pocket. One beautiful thing about having a home gym is that      you can tailor it to suit your taste, needs and pocket. 

Criterias that will guide you while choosing/ buying gym equipment for home use

  • Product reviews: One thing about reviews is that they are most times honest feedback on whether a product is good or not. Look out for online or offline reviews of any equipment you are about to buy, this will guide you in making your choices. YouTube have amazing product reviews on almost any product. 
  • Durability: you will want to buy equipment that will last you years. choose equipment that you feel are durable or go with someone that knowledgeable about it to help you choose.
  • Warranties: Buy equipments that have at least 1 year warranty especially costly equipments
  • Versatility: Choose equipment that can be used for different exercises.
  • Size: If you have the space for heavy equipment, go ahead and buy them. If you don't have much room space, you might want to buy equipment that are smaller in size so you can store them away after each exercise session. Some of the smaller equipment are dumbbells, resistance bands and suspension trainers.
  • Cost of equipment: You need to look at the size of your pocket before spending on any gym equipment. If you have a tight budget you can consider buying equipment like suspension trainer, dumbbells that are less expensive. Also consider buying fairly used gym equipment. Some gym equipment can be found on yard sales etc. at a good deal.
  • Purpose: what's your aim of doing the exercise? Is it to build strength? Cardio exercise? Flexibility? Whatever the reason, choose your equipment according to those purposes.

Top 5 best home gym equipment you will need

  • Suspension trainers
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Treadmill
  • Exercise bikes

In conclusion, having a gym at home is convenient; although it can be lonely compared to going to the gym, this nothing the right music can't solve. These days there are even online exercise routines you can join!